Bow Fishing Gear: Bowfishing for Beginners

When most people consider bow fishing, they have an inclination to think of Bass Boats with the hunter standing within the bow and a companion poling the boat from the strict.
Nonetheless, many species of each recent water and saltwater fish transfer into shallow, grassy, coves to spawn within the Spring, and thus, they’re readily accessible to wading bow fishermen throughout this period.

Consequently, all you really want to pursue this tremendous thrilling sport is a bow, a bow fishing reel, half a dozen bow fishing arrows and acceptable factors for them, and a pair of waders, and you ready for the age-outdated strategy of pursuing “coarse” fish within the shallows with a bow and arrow.

Nonetheless, as a result of the gear, you select will both positively or adversely have an effect on your bow fishing expertise, it can be crucial that you simply buy the proper gear. Thus, within the following article, you’ll find the data it is advisable to make a knowledgeable selection.

Type of Bow

Since selecting an acceptable bow is step one to turning into a bow fisherman, let’s begin there. So, to start with, it ought to be famous that whereas you should utilize a Compound Bow, a Recurve Bow, or a Long Bow for bow fishing, each Compound Bows, and Long Bows have sure disadvantages.

For example, a Long Bow could also be appropriate when looking at fish from a ship when wading, most Long Bows are too long as a result of their decrease limb extends both to or beneath the water’s floor when the bow is drawn; thus inflicting it to slap the water when the string is launched.

Then again, though Compound Bows are a lot shorter than both Recurve Bows or Long Bows, compound bows designed for large sport looking should be drawn the entire approach to the wall previous to releasing the string and thus, with the intention to be acceptable for bow fishing, a compound bow should be specifically designed for the meant function.

Nonetheless, Recurve Bows are completely excellent for bow fishing as they’re as a result of they lack cams and thus, they are often “snap fired” at a fleeing fish without the necessity to absolutely draw the bow. However, when selecting a recurve bow for bow fishing, you need to select fashions that have AMO lengths starting from 48 inches to 54 inches in order that the decrease limb of the bow is not going to slap the floor of the water or the gunwale of your boat while when you shoot.

Weight of Bowfishing

Another important factor is that of draw weight.
Therefore, you should be aware that, unlike big game hunting, when hunting fish with a bow and arrow, you will likely be making numerous shots during the course of a hunt.

As well as, because the fish are properly conscious that they’re weak to aerial predators when in shallow water, they’re very cautious, and thus, the bow fisherman is required to “snap shoot” at fleeing fish without coming to full draw.

Moreover, shots at fish are typically a really shut vary affair taken at greater than ten yards, twenty yards being an especially lengthy shot.

Due to this fact, most hunters select draw weights between 30 lbs. and 50 lbs. relying on their bodily stature.

Nonetheless, whereas most bow fishermen are likely to agree that Recurve Bow with a draw weight of 30 lbs is the best selection, but some species of “coarse fish” corresponding to Shad and Carp have comparatively tender scales which can be simply penetrated by an arrow whereas, and different species corresponding to Alligator Gar have very robust scales which can be troublesome to penetrate. Thus, each bigger fish with more durable scales require heavier draw weights as much as 50 lbs.


Types of Bow Fishing Reels

Along with your bow, additionally, you will want a bow fishing reel.

Due to this fact, you ought to be conscious that bow fishing reels are divided into three totally different classes which consist of easy, aluminum, drums to spinning and spin casting reels, to specialized bow fishing reels made by AMS Bowfishing.

Whereas the drum-type bow fishing reel could be very light-weight, mechanically easy, and cheap, it does require the archer to rewind the road by hand to retrieve line the arrow and/or the fish and, seriously limit the distance over which the archer can shoot due to the greater degree because of the higher diploma of friction brought on by the big diameter drum.

Whereas, spin casting reels such because of the RPM Synergy TI-20 and spinning reels such because the Bohning Aqua makes each arrow and fish retrieval a lot simpler and, they allow the archer to shoot a lot farther than they’ll with a drum reel.

Nonetheless, it also needs to be famous that separate, specialized, reel seats designed to screw into the stabilizer gap within the entrance of your riser are required to mount one of these bowfishing reel in your bow.

Then, there may be the bottle-type bowfishing reel made solely by AMS Bowfishing which stacks the road within a plastic bottle as an alternative of winding it on a spool.

Surprisingly, one of this bottle-type bowfishing reel truly presents the least quantity of friction to the road, and thus, it offers the archer with the best vary and the least quantity of drag. Plus, the crank handle allows the archer to retrieve both the fish or the arrow rapidly.

Types of Arrows

Talking about arrows, though many producers are actually providing light-weight, carbon, and carbon/fiberglass bow fishing arrows, most bow fishermen still prefer the tried and true solid and hollow fiberglass bowfishing arrow as a result of they’re each robust and cheap.

Due to this fact, most bow fishermen use the light-weight, hollow, fiberglass arrows for recurve bows with decrease draw weights and the heavier, strong, fiberglass arrows for recurve bows with heavier draw weights and for compound bows.

As well as, you need to all the time carry a couple of arrows when bow fishing as a result, sometimes, it’s possible you’ll neglect to push the button in your spincast reel or trip the bail-in your spinning reel and thus trigger the line to snap while you shoot which, after all, leads to a lost arrow.

Or, you may very well shoot a fish that’s able to break your line which may also end in a lost arrow. Consequently, most bow fishermen go for toughness and cheap instead of expense over excessive tech supplies and extreme worth when selecting a bow fishing arrow.

Types of Points for Bowfishing

In fact, once you have chosen an arrow, you will need an appropriate point for it.

There once more, as a result of bowfishing factors essentially have barbs to allow them to carry the fish after impalement, they’re divided into two differing kinds consisting of these with mounted barbs and with reversible barbs.

Additionally, while points with fixed barbs such as the Steel Force “Carp” and “Gator” broadheads are sometimes considerably inexpensive than these with reversible barbs, they require the archer to unscrew the broadhead from the shaft with the intention to take away the fish which is time-consuming and maybe annoying.

Reversible barbs such as the RPM Fathom alternatively are sometimes considerably dearer than these with mounted barbs however, they normally solely require two or three twists of the arrow’s shaft to reverse the barbs which enable the archer to remove the arrow from the fish without removing the point which is far more convenient.

Due to this fact, price does matter when selecting points for bowfishing as a result of, in this case, you’re paying for efficiency.


Consequently, in contrast to big game hunting, bowfishing doesn’t require a costly bow, costly gear; nor does it require a hunter to attract to draw a bow with the excessively heavy draw weight.

Due to this fact, an old recurve bow, an easy drum reel, and a single fiberglass arrow and level can get you began after which, in case your ardor for the game grows, you possibly can improve your gear as out their funds permit.

Consequently, bowfishing is a sport that’s open to hunters of all ages and statures and, as a result of the motion is commonly quick and livid and the hunters don’t should be both quiet or nonetheless, it is a wonderful approach to introduce youth to the sport of bowhunting.