Redfish are also referred to as red drum, red, spot tail bass, puppy drum, or channel bass. They are game fish that are widespread in terms of where you can locate them. One of the remarkable things about the Redfish is their general obliging nature.

However, sometimes, locating Redfish is not an easy task. When you manage to find them, you need to have specific skills and a strategy to entice a strike on bait or lure. Once you learn the fundamentals of catching Redfish, you will have an easy time when you go out to fish for them.

Redfish Fishing Tips and Tricks

Redfish do not care about water depth or clarity, structure. They only care about the availability of food, meaning that they can thrive in various conditions. Different sizes of Redfish can be found in bridges, passes, oyster beds, mangroves, grass flats, marshes, brackish creeks, and beaches in the southeastern states.

Listed below are some tips you can employ when fishing for Redfish.

Use Live Bait

Redfish eat numerous bait, but one of the most popular ways to catch them is using three main live baits, shrimp, pinfish, and whitebait.

These are essential, especially if you would like to catch big Redfish. Although, it is also best to use live bait from the water you are fishing in since the Redfish are accustomed to eating it.

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Spend time on the water

Spend some time on the water and search for new hot spots. As mentioned earlier, Redfish quickly adapt to any environment, so ensure that you try and explore new locations whenever you can. It also takes the pressure off the prime spots you are already aware of.

It is also worth noting that Redfish are very fast, so you require a quick reaction and a good eye for you to cast and be ahead of the Redfish.

Artificial Baits

The best thing about Redfish is that you can use either live bait or artificial bait to catch them. Note that the bait should imitate the prey that Redfish often go for whenever you are using artificial bait. This makes it easier to catch them instead of choosing lures that do not resemble prey that Redfish often target.

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Adapt To the Conditions

Redfish usually inhabit turbid and clear waters, meaning you will also need to adapt to the various conditions.

You have two options, to blindly cast for Redfish or finding a great vantage point that you can use to spot the Redfish.

Having the Right Tools

It is essential always to have the appropriate fishing gear for a specific type of fish you would like to catch, and the same applies to fishing for Redfish. For instance, get a new line, a casting rig, or a spinning rig, and have your artificial lure or live bait.

Right Conditions and Appropriate Time

It is worth noting that Redfish have a specific preference for when they feed.

The right time has nothing to do with the time of the day and more to do with the water movement, meaning that flat low tides and flat high tides will not be the best time to go fishing.

Redfish do not like to feed or move when the water is still.

Therefore, the best time to go redfish fishing will be when the water moves since they are most active then.

Cloudy days are also the best days to go fishing instead of the high sky and super bright days.

The perfect day to go fishing for Redfish is when it’s cloudy or even drizzling a bit, and the water has an excellent tide movement.

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Best Time to Catch Redfish

As mentioned earlier, when going out to fish for Redfish, the weather and the water tide play a significant role in whether you will be productive or not.

The best time to catch Redfish is when there is tide movement, and the weather is cloudy, or it is drizzling.

However, it is worth noting that you should not go out fishing during a heavy downpour or when there is a storm.

Although there is a possibility that you can catch Redfish throughout the day, you have better chances of catching Redfish during specific time windows.

For instance, the best time for you to catch Redfish would be very early in the morning, just before the sun comes out and heats the shallows.

If you are fishing in the afternoon, you will be better of fishing in the deeper water features such as bridges, wrecks, and jetties.

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In the afternoon, Redfish usually resort to deeper water features since it holds more bait and is cooler than the shallows. As mentioned earlier, tides also play a significant role in their movement. For instance, when the tide is high, Redfish usually flood the shallows to look for food.

During the warmer months, Redfish usually migrate daily to the shallows to look for food. This means that when the air is cool, usually early in the morning, they head to the shallows to eat crabs, juvenile baitfish, and shrimp. This usually happens from dawn to mid-morning.

If you plan to go fishing in the evening or at night, Redfish are usually in the shallows looking for nocturnal prey they can feed on. However, the bigger Redfish typically stay in the deeper water features. To catch the bigger Redfish at night, you can go fishing around wrecks and jetties but ensure you are slowing your approach down.

The best bait to use would be live or cut bait, but jigs and lures work just fine. Allow the bait to soak for an extended period to make it easy for the Redfish to locate it. Nighttime is an easy time to catch the bigger Redfish since there is no pressure from any other boat, but you will also need to give the fish sufficient time to locate the bait.

Best Month to Catch Redfish

Redfish can be caught throughout the year, but it would help to check the bait shops or your local state’s resources to find out the best time to catch Redfish in that specific area.

Usually, most anglers will go fishing for Redfish during summer. Often, there is an abundance of shrimp and juvenile baitfish that Redfish can eat during this period.

The best times to catch Redfish, especially the big bull redfish, would be around early fall and late summer.

During this period, the big bull redfish are usually found in deeper locations such as bridges, wrecks, and jetties. The best month to fish for Redfish also depends on what you would like, bigger Redfish or many Redfish.

For instance, in Louisiana, if you are fishing for Redfish during spring, you will catch a large number of them, and they are good sized too.

They also feed throughout the day, meaning you can find them along the shorelines and shallow ponds. In summer, you can catch average-sized Redfish in the marshes and along the bays.

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Best Bait to Catch Redfish

Some of the best bait to catch Redfish is live bait, such as shrimp, whitebait, and pinfish. It is worth noting that Redfish do eat a countless number of live bait.

White Bait

The whitebait is also referred to as a pilchard and is the most effective bait to use when fishing for Redfish on shorelines when there are mid to high tides. There are multiple methods one can use when fishing for Redfish using whitebait. For instance, factors like the hook size and leader size for the Redfish, line size, rod size, reel size, and the size of the whitebait may influence the method.

The location you are fishing from may also determine what method you employ when fishing for Redfish. For instance, when fishing in a mangrove, it would be best to use either medium or large whitebait and free line it under or next to the mangrove. It is worth noting that you can have an instant catch when you fish in certain spots, and it may take longer for you to catch a redfish in other spots, so be patient.


Pinfish are also an excellent live bait choice when fishing for redfish. Circle hooks are an excellent choice when you have pinfish for bait, and just as with the whitebait, factors like the hook size, leader size, line size, rod size, and reel size matter based on the size of Redfish you expect to catch. The method you choose to use may be highly influenced by where you are going to fish.


Shrimp is perhaps the best bait you can use when fishing for Redfish. A J-hook would be the appropriate hook to use, and you should ensure that the shrimp is fresh and alive before using it as your bait. You can choose multiple fishing methods when using shrimp as bait based on what suits you best and where you are going fishing.

When you go fishing for Redfish during winter, the most effective bait you can use is shrimp. It is also worth noting that shrimp usually flees from predators, making it an excellent choice. Slowly bump the shrimp off the bottom, especially in the creeks where the water is shallow during winter.

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Best Lures to Catch Redfish

The best lures to catch Redfish are dependent on where you are fishing. However, as mentioned earlier, it would be best to use a lure that resembles the prey that Redfish often target. There are multiple lures in the market that you can select from to catch Redfish.

For instance, you can get a topwater lure since they always twitch and rattle around the surface, meaning it will look like a hurt baitfish making it irresistible for Redfish to bite on it. You could also use a jerk shard or a paddle tail lure.

When choosing your lure, you could also consider its color. However, the color is not as essential as your lure’s action, profile, and size. Where you are fishing will also determine whether or not your lure will be effective.

White and green are often an excellent colour choice for lures. Picking ones with a spec of gold or silver is also a plus since they make a significant difference and help attract redfish. The type of lure you have can make a difference in whether you will catch any redfish or not.

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Best Redfish Fishing Spots in the United States

There are multiple spots where you can fish for redfish in the US throughout the year. While redfish can adapt to any place, they also tend to favour specific areas over others. Listed below are some of the best redfish fishing spots in the US.

Multiple other locations are also redfish fishing spots in the US but the above listed are some of our top picks. It is worth noting that when you go redfish fishing in the different above listed locations, it will help if you asked what the best season is to catch Redfish. However, as mentioned earlier, Redfish can be caught all year round.

If you are a beginner, remember that the weather and the tides will play a significant role in redfish fishing. It would also help to do thorough research in your local area to find out the best months or seasons to go fishing for Redfish before you set out fishing. Remember that your fishing gear plays a significant role in whether you will catch any redfish or not, so it would be best to set out with the right gear.

Do not forget about the kind of bait you will use, and ensure that you avoid going fishing when there is a heavy downpour for your safety. Once you learn and master all the fundamentals of redfish fishing, fishing will be easy. Remember that patience is vital.